Caribana – the biggest hit of Caribbean culture and tradition

The tradition of Caribbean culture is developed. Now people can enjoy in several ways. There are many interesting programs that can serve fun. The best artist of several countries of Caribbean islands is coming here to entertain the visitors. The process has 4 parts to make the feedback sure.

The journey:


It is a popular festival of North America. Yet there is a long journey of 48years behind the fame. The individual passion about representing own culture among the international crowd was the moving force of it. The holy aim motivated the artists and turned into an evolution. All Bahamian artists are participating in the parade, concerts and other events to represent the culture. Now every summer of Toronto, Ontario and Canada organize the biggest hit of America. It belongs to the street festival genre because it births in road parade. As the study report, every year the season gathers 2million visitors.

The artists:

The best artists of Caribbean culture come to perform in the parades. It is an opportunity of young talented artists as well. The newcomers can get exposure in Canada. It helps them to survive with their art. The exposure brings many shows to individual bands and performers. The artists can get a huge chance to utilize such platform. Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St, Louis, Barbados and other countries have own culture. There is little difference in every tradition which takes a total figure of Caribbean culture. The parades are zone that commemorate all arts.

The events:

There are many types of programs in the schedule.

Firstly, the occasion starts with a street parade where all participants are traveling from one road to another through their performance.

The second phase is J’ouvert. It is additional part of the main parade. Here the artists celebrate the small parade program. Here the rhythms of the culture have been introduced with the viewers.

The third is Fetes. Here the music is exploring its beauty through several concerts.

Fourth is the band. It is the most interesting part. Here the bands are in competition with one another. There is a judgmental opportunity as the costume, outlook and performance.

The improvement:

The Caribana has improved its infrastructure for some past incidents. There were some cases that reduced the positive vibe. Therefore, the authorities took step and made the festival more safe and entertaining. The improvement happened in every section. The motif is to serve fun to the visitors.